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At LMBC News, our mission is to keep you informed. Our journalists write interesting stories every day about issues that matter to you. But now we want to expand the conversation. And that’s where you come in. In fact some of our best stories come from our readers and we’ve made it easy for you to talk to us. You can help us tell more stories by contributing to LMBC News. Feel free to write about everything that inspires you and that matters to people around you. Have you witnessed breaking news or a major event? Send us photos, videos or news tips. Have you got a story to tell or an opinion to share with our readers? We're giving you the chance to do just that. Your stories or views, whether in words, pictures or video can help us uncover the truth about what ever happen in our city or elsewhere in the country or abroad. To submit your articles please fill out the form below. You can’t send press releases through this channel. If you have a press release that you want to publish, please go to our Press Release Services page.
















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